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Author's Guide

  1. Manuscripts written for Journal of Applied Research In Computer Science and Information Systems (JARCIS) include research results in the fields of communication science, science and technology. Manuscripts are written in Indonesian.
  2. JARCIS does not accept manuscripts via email. Manuscripts must be submitted via the web system. For those who have never registered, please register first.
  3. Authors are required to upload articles without writing down the Author and Affiliates to maintain the ethics of the article review process.
  4. The submitted manuscript is in the form of a *.doc file
  5. The length of the manuscript is expected not to exceed 10 pages.
  6. Manuscript writing must follow the rules provided in the JARCIS template. Please download the JARCIS Template at this link.
  7. It is recommended to write a manuscript with the following structure sections: Introduction - Research Method - Results and Discussion - Conclusion. There is no need to write down obvious theorems, just quote them when needed. Evidence or theory that is not yet clear where the author clarifies by developing it can be added after the introduction.
  8. Citations and bibliography of articles of more than 10 and preferably the last 5 years and come from reputable journals. Bibliography of the journal at least 80% of what was written.
  9. When submitting manuscripts, you are also required to submit a statement of publication ethics and a copyright agreement. More detailed publication ethics can be read at this link. The publication ethics statement is expected to be read, adhered to and signed prior to submission. The publication ethics statement can be downloaded at this link. while the copyright agreement can be downloaded at this link.
  10. Every manuscript in JARCIS will be reviewed by reviewers with a double blind review system. All review processes are carried out online via the web system and the progress of the manuscript can be monitored by the author via the web system.
  11. The time each manuscript begins to be sent until it is declared received by the editor will not be the same depending on the review process for each manuscript. The editor cannot guarantee an exact publication time when a new manuscript is sent by the author.
  12. Print proofing and editing is done by the editor and/or by involving the author. Manuscripts that are already in printed form can be canceled by the editor if problems are found.
  13. Everything related to the licensing of quoting or the use of computer software for making manuscripts or other matters related to intellectual property rights carried out by the scriptwriters, along with the legal consequences that may arise because of this, is the full responsibility of the scriptwriters.


Copyright Notice

Requirements that must be met by the author as follows:

  1. The author retains copyright and grants the journal the first publishing rights of the manuscript simultaneously under a license under Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) which permits others to share work with a statement of authorship of the work and initial publication in this journal.
  2. Authors may enter into separate additional contractual arrangements for the non-exclusive distribution of the journal's published version of the rich (eg posting it to an institutional repository or publishing it in a book), with an acknowledgment of its initial publication in this journal.
  3. Authors are permitted and encouraged to post their work online (eg in an institutional repository or on their website) before and during the submission process, as this can lead to productive exchange, as well as earlier and more powerful citations of published work.

Privacy Statement

Journal of Applied Research In Computer Science and Information Systems (JARCIS) Scientific Publication Ethics Guidelines

JARCIS is a scientific journal that is published online and publishes scientific articles or research results in the fields of Communication, science and technology.

This scientific publication ethics statement is a statement of the ethical code of all parties involved in the publication process of this scientific journal, namely managers, editors, bestari partners, and authors (authors). The Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications essentially upholds three ethical values in publication, namely:

  1. Neutrality, namely being free from conflicts of interest in publication management;
  2. Justice, namely giving authorship rights to those entitled to be authors;
  3. Honesty, namely free from duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism in publications.

When you have finished reading this Scientific Publication Ethics, please download the Statement of Ethics and the Copyright Agreement. Please sign the Ethics Statement and Copyright Agreement, then submit it together with your original article through the system. If you do not submit a Statement of Ethics and a Copyright Agreement, we will reject your article.

Duties and Responsibilities of Journal Managers

  1. Determine the name of the journal, scientific scope, periodicity, and accreditation if necessary.
    Determine the membership of the editorial board.
  2. Defines the relationship between publishers, editors, bestari partners, and other parties to a contract.
  3. Respect confidential matters, both for contributing researchers, authors/writers, editors, and partners.
  4. Implement norms and provisions regarding intellectual property rights, especially copyrights.
    Conduct journal policy reviews and submit them to authors/writers, board of editors, bestari partners, and readers.
  5. Create code of conduct guides for editors and reviewers.
  6. Publish journal regularly.
  7. Guarantee the availability of funding sources for the continuation of journal publication.
  8. Build a network of cooperation and marketing.
  9. Prepare permits and other legal aspects.

Editor Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Meeting the needs of readers and authors/writers,
  2. Strive to improve the quality of publications in a sustainable manner,
  3. Implement a process to ensure the quality of published papers,
  4. Prioritize freedom of opinion objectively,
  5. Maintain the integrity of the author's academic track record,
  6. Delivering corrections, clarifications, withdrawals, and apologies when necessary,
  7. Responsible for the style and format of the written work, while the contents and all statements in the written work are the responsibility of the author/writer,
  8. Actively solicit the opinions of authors, readers, partners, and members of the editorial board to improve the quality of publications,
  9. Encouraging an assessment of the journal if there are findings,
  10. Support initiatives to reduce research and publication errors by asking authors to attach an Ethical Clearance form that has been approved by the Ethics Clearance Commission,
  11. Support initiatives to educate researchers on publication ethics,
  12. Assess the effect of publication policies on the attitudes of authors/writers and bestari partners as well improve it to increase responsibility and minimize mistakes,
  13. Have an open mind to new opinions or other people's views that may conflict with personal opinions,
  14. Does not defend own opinion, author or third party which may result in an objective decision,
  15. Encouraging authors/writers, so that they can make improvements to their written works so that they are worthy of publication.

Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewer Partners 

  1. Receive assignments from the editor to review the paper and submit the results of the review to the editor, as material for determining the eligibility of a paper for publication.
  2. Reviewers may not conduct a review of written works that involve themselves, either directly or indirectly
  3. Maintain the author's privacy by not disseminating the results of corrections, suggestions, and recommendations by providing criticism, suggestions, input, and recommendations
  4. Encourage authors/writers to make improvements to their writing
  5. Reviewing the written work that has been corrected according to predetermined standards.
  6. Papers are reviewed in a timely manner according to the style of the publication environment based on scientific principles (data collection methods, author legality, conclusions, etc.).

Duties and Responsibilities of Author/Writer

  1. Ensuring that those included in the list of authors/writers meet the criteria as authors/writers.
  2. Responsible collectively for the work and the content of the article including methods, analysis, calculations and details.
  3. State the origin of resources (including funding), either directly or indirectly.
  4. Explain the limitations in the research
  5. respond to comments made by bestari partners in a professional and timely manner.
  6. Inform the editor if you want to withdraw your written work.
  7. Make a statement that you

Author Fee

This journal is free or free from author fees if done regularly in accordance with the workflow of the journal publishing system.

Submission and review of articles is free of charge.
Publish articles in December 2023 is subject to fees:
For domestic writers: Rp. 750,000,-
For Overseas Writers: $100

Publication in 2024 will be given free to authors for dedication with researchers and writers

Procedure of payment
For the payment process, please transfer the fees according to the selected conditions.
1. With transfer news ---> Publication Fee
2. The amount transferred is in accordance with the accelerated process and the Paper ID number is added
Example: The nominal transferred is 750,000 (IDR) + ID paper (112) so the nominal transferred is 750,112 (IDR)


Cancellation of Publishing

Authors are not allowed to cancel manuscripts that have been submitted because canceling or withdrawing manuscripts is a wasted work (a waste of energy and time) carried out by editors or reviewers.

If you want to cancel the publication of the article, you will be charged a fee of Rp. 300,000 as a replacement for the work that has been done